How to lock doors in warzone

Want to know how to lock doors in warzone? If you are reading this article in September 2020 you know that the Call of Duty League Championships ended recently. However, among the special things that happened in the league one thing got everyone’s attention. Well, it seems like now players can lock doors in Warzone and modern warfare.

Eventhough, this doesnt help a lot in modern warfare multiplayer modes, when it comes to plunder & warzone locking doors can be a huge advantage.

So in this article we will look in to locking foors in Warzone.

This is actually really simple as body blocking. Here’s what you have to follow,

  1. Open a door (Can be any available door).
  2. When it is opened walk into the door so door will start moving.(According to the physics because of you body power it will move.)
  3. Walk till door is fully closed. (Since you are moving the door using the body, do not press the interaction button.)
  4. Now stay still behind the door. Enemies won’t be able to open the door.

Hello! Instructions not clear, now my cat is on the roof. Send Help!!

Well, just follow watch the below video.

How do I open the locked door in warzone?

Don’t worry! There are several counters for this.

You will be able to force open locked doors by throwing a stun grenade. When it blows this will force open the door.

Another way is to put a c4 above the door. (On top). When you blast the C4 it will open the door.

Well a grenade or a semtex can do same but you need to aim it properly.

So if you plan to lock a door and camp inside a house in warzone make sure you put a trophy near you. Now you are an unbeatable camper LOL.

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